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Physics ( F.Sc. Year 1)         (120 Lectures)

1Measurements 2Scalars and Vectors 3Motion and Force  4Work and Energy 5Circular Motion

6Fluids Dynamics

7Oscillatory Motion


9Physical Optics

10Optical Instruments

11Heat and Thermodynamics

Chemistry ( F.Sc. Year 1)            (130 Lectures)

CH 1Basic Concepts CH 2Experimental Techniques in Chemistry CH 3Gases CH 4Liquids and Solids CH 5Atomic Structure

CH 6Chemical Bonding

CH 7 Thermochemistry

CH 8Chemical Equilibrium  CH 9Solutions CH 10Coming Soon CH 11Coming Soon  

Mathematics ( F.Sc. Year 1)             (140 Lectures)

book1 maths1Number System  book1 maths2Sets, Functions and Groups book1 maths 3Matrices and Determinants

book1 maths4Quadratic Equations

book1 maths5Partial Fractions

book1 maths6Sequences and Series
book1 maths7Coming Soon book1 maths8Coming Soon book1 maths9Fundamentals of Trigonometry
book1 maths10Trigonometric Identities
book1 maths11 Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs
book1 maths12Coming Soon
book1 maths13Coming Soon book1 maths14Coming Soon

Biology ( F.Sc. Year 1)              (49 Lectures)

1 copyIntroduction 2 copyBiological Molecules 3 copyEnzymes 4 copyThe Cell 5 copyVariety of Life 6 copyComing Soon
7 copyComing Soon
8 copyComing Soon
9 copyComing Soon
10 copyComing Soon
11 copyComing Soon
12 copyComing Soon
13 copyComing Soon
14 copyTransport


Physics ( F.Sc. Year 2) (109 Lectures)

Chemistry ( F.Sc. Year 2)            (146 Lectures)

CH 1Periodic Classification Of Elements and Periodicity CH 2Chapter No: 2 CH 3Coming Soon CH 4Coming Soon CH 5Coming Soon CH 6Chapter No: 6
CH 7Coming Soon CH 8Aliphatic Hydrocarbons CH 9Aromatic Hydrocarbons
CH 10Alkyle Halides CH 11Coming Soon CH 12Coming Soon
CH 13Coming Soon CH 14Coming Soon CH 15Coming Soon CH 16Coming Soon

Mathematics ( F.Sc. Year 2)           (127 Lectures)

Biology ( F.Sc. Year 2)           (55 Lectures)

15 copy


16 copySupport and Movement 17 copyCoordination and Control
18 copyComing Soon
19 copyComing Soon
20 copyComing Soon
21 copyCell Cycle
22 copyVariation and Genetics
23 copyComing Soon
24 copyComing Soon
25 copyComing Soon