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Subsequent to contemplating this unit, the understudies will have the capacity to:

• State Newton’s law of attraction.

• Explain that the gravitational powers are steady with Newton’s third law.

• Explain gravitational field as a case of field of compel.

• Define weight (as the compel on a protest because of a gravitational field.)

• Calculate the mass of Earth by utilizing law of attractive energy.

• Solve issues utilizing Newton’s law of attractive energy.

• Explain that estimation of g abatements with elevation from the surface of Earth.

• Discuss the significance of Newton’s law of attractive energy in comprehension the movement of satellites.



On the premise of his perceptions, Newton reasoned that the compel which causes an apple to fall on the Earth and the constrain which keeps the moon in its circle are of the same nature. He promote presumed that there exists a compel because of which everyone of the universe draws in each other body. He named this compel the drive of attractive energy.

Law of Gravitation

According to Newton’s law of universal gravitation:

Everybody in the universe attracts every other body with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centres.


An Object that rotates around a planet is known as a satellite. The moon spins around the Earth so moon is a characteristic satellite of the Earth. Researchers have sent numerous questions into space. Some of these protests rotate around the Earth. These are called counterfeit satellites. The greater part of the counterfeit satellites, circling around the Earth are utilized for correspondence purposes. Fake satellites convey instruments or travelers to perform tests in space.

Substantial number of counterfeit satellites have been propelled in various circles around the Earth. They take diverse time to finish their one transformation around the Earth contingent on their separation h from the Earth. Correspondence satellites take 24 hours to finish their one upset around the Earth. As Earth likewise finishes its one revolution about its hub in 24 hours, consequently, these correspondence satellites have all the earmarks of being stationary as for Earth. It is because of this reason the circle of such a satellite is called geostationary circle. Dish recieving wires sending and accepting the flags from them have settled bearing relying on their area on the Earth.

Movement of fake satellites

A satellite requires centripetal compel that keeps it to move around the Earth. The gravitational constrain of fascination between the satellite and the Earth gives the essential centripetal compel. Consider a satellite of mass m rotating round the Earth at a height h in a circle of range r with orbital speed vo




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