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Chemistry Class 10Th, CH1, Lec1:Static Chemical Equilibrium By Sabaq Foundation


By and large, we assume that most synthetic and physical changes continue to fruition. A complete response is one in which the sum total of what reactants have been changed over into items.However,most synthetic responses don’t go to fulfillment since items respond themselves to frame the reactants.

Accordingly, after at some point no further change happens. Amounts of reactants and items stay unaltered and it appears that the response has halted. Actually, these responses don’t stop; rather they occur on both headings at equivalent rate and accomplish the harmony state. Such responses are called reversible reactions.Many cases of physical and concoction balance are found in nature.

We owe our existence to equilibrium phenomenon taking place in atmosphere.We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, while plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

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