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Chemistry Class 10Th, CH1, Lec2:Dynamic Chemical Equilibrium By Sabaq Foundation


In a chemical reaction, the substances that combine are called reactants and the new substances formed are called products. For example,whenH2 andO2 (reactants) combine they formH2O (product).

Most of the reactions, in which the items don’t recombine to shape reactants, are called irreversible responses. They should finish and are spoken to by putting a solitary bolt ( ) between the reactants and items. Then again, responses in which the items can recombine to frame reactants are called reversible reactions.

These reactions never go to completion.They are represented by a double arrow () between reactants and products.These reactions proceed in both ways, i.e., they consist of two reactions; forward and reverse. So, a reversible reaction is one which can be made to proceed in either direction depending upon the conditions.

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