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FSc Chemistry Book1, CH 10, LEC 8: Electrolysis of Fused Salts and Aqueous Solutions

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This video lecture from Electrochemistry  (F.Sc. first year Chemistry) covers the electrolysis of fused salts and aqueous solutions. In fused salts the only ions in the electrolyte are those of the salt and hence the products are predictable. The cation undergoes reduction at the cathode and gets deposited there while the anion undergoes oxidation at the anode. In aqueous solution of salts, the hydronium ion and hydroxide ions make it difficult to predict the products after electrolysis. Hydronium and the positive metal ion both try to undergo reduction but one of them has a greater tendency to get reduced yielding the other ion un reacted. At anode hydroxide ions may get oxidized giving oxygen gas. Find more e-learning material and educational video lectures in Urdu at These videos are free to use for promotional and commercial purpose by keeping the credits to Maktab.

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