Physics Class 10Th, CH1, Lec26:Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy by Sabaq Foundation


This video lecture from Physics Class 10Th covers topic of Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy. In this Video Lecture Instructor has explained in details about Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy. The concept of Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy has been illustrated with more than one examples. Instructor have tried to cover all aspects about Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy. Instructor has focused on conceptional learning but at the same time teaching is geared towards exam preparation too. Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy is explained in Urdu language for better comprehension , Most of the text and technical terms are in English, however, the explanation of the topic is in Urdu. This Video Lecture is a supplementary resource for better understanding of Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy. Provide quality instructional material (video Lectures) for F.SC. & most of the academic courses in Pakistan with special focus on scientific subjects and have largest collection of Video lectures in Urdu Language. Long term scope of this program is to cover most of the academic classes and courses offered in Pakistan from Class 1 to bachelor degree level. Focus and preference will be for the scientific subjects, as quality content in these areas is scarce, especially in Urdu language. Find more e-learning material and educational video lectures in Urdu at . These videos are free to use for promotional and commercial purpose by keeping the credits to Maktab .



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